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A1 Body Worn Camera Release
Mar 01, 2018

A1 body Worn Camera Release


In April, 2018, Eeyelog released the first H22 body worn camera with H.265 technology.


image                   image



In most of the countries, police officer works more than 12 hours per shift, a long battery life body camera is mostly required. But as battery fades over time, a 15 hours battery life will be the best option, but camera can not be oversized, as police officers have been wearing too many equipment.


With only 3100mAh battery, A1 body camera can record continuously for 15 hours @720P, 12 hours @ 1080P. Most importantly, the dimension and weight remains the same as Eeyelog’s classic model EH15.


Advantages 2: H.265 TECHNOLOGY


Video storage is big headache for Law enforcement departments, since videos are gaining everyday, it is a great cost to save tons of video footage.


A1 body camera, using the latest Ambarella chipset, which supports the H.265 video compression technology. H.265, compare to H.264, which the body camera in the market is using, has 2 times video compression efficiency. In that case, video image quality will remain the same, but video file will be 50% less.


Advantages 3: 1440P 4K VIDEO RESOLUTION


A1 body camera supports 1440P 4K resolution, the video you captured is more than what you see!


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