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Eeyelog 1440P Night Vision Body Camera B5 With Built-in GPS And Auto Infrared LED
Eeyelog 1440P Night Vision Body Camera B5 With Built-in GPS And Auto Infrared LEDBody Camera B5 is ruggedly designed to provides law enforcement, security and emergency personnel with super Full HD 1440p video recording capabilities, and one-button recording and activation. When worn on the front of clothing, an ultra-wide 140° field-of-view lens captures what happens in the field as accurate information for further analysis. With external mini camera connected, body camera can be worn hiding while record video through external camera. Featuring a 32GB (64GB/128GB) internal memory, pre-record buffering, and integrated Infrared LEDS for night vision, the body camera is equipped to perform in any conditions. With full featured and adaptable operation, the body camera can record video and audio simultaneously, or audio only for suspect interrogations and victim/witness statements. The camera is fully configurable and offers multiple recording quality, super full HD 1440p video down to 480p resolution, giving users the options to adjust the recording quality according to their storage capabilities.

Key Features:

  1. Special slide switch design: user doesn't have to see the camera to know whether camera is recording, instead they can feel the position of slide switch.

  2. Low light image quality: The B5 cameras provide adjustable resolution from low (480p) to high (1440p). More significant is the visibility the cameras provide in low-light situations. With its very low lux or minimum illumination rating, the lens allows more light into each frame in darker environments to capture useful video despite low light.

  3. Simple and easy-to-use:  Slide Switch on the side for recording start/stop; power on/off button to feature the camera with pre-recording; Photo and FN button. No display.

  4. Full shift battery life: Built-in 3100 mAH capacity of battery can provide over 15 hours continuous recording at 720P 30fps. It allows officer not to miss significant moment during their full shift.

  5. GPS tagging: B5 cameras also provide GPS tagging capabilities. GPS tagging enables officers to record specific location information along with body camera footage, and the tags are stored in the video metadata, pinpointing the location when the footage is reviewed.

Dimension83 * 54 *27mmRecording AngleWide Angle 140 degrees
Sensor5MP CMOSPre-recording30 secons/ 60 seconds
ChipsetAmbarella H22Post-record function5minutes/ 10 minutes (Customizable)
Night VisionUp to 10 Meters with Visible face imageIR Light4 IR Light
Battery LifeContinuous recording time NO LESS THAN: 
16 hours (battery full charged, IR closed, Video resolution  848x480P 30fps)
15 hours (battery full charged, IR closed, Video resolution 1280x720P 30fps)
12 hours(battery full charged, IR closed, Video resolution 1920x1080P 30fps)
Recording Time for 32 GB StorageH.264: 
Recording time until card get full NO LESS THAN:
8.6 hours (resolution 1920x1080P 30fps)
11.5 hours (resolution 1280x720P 30fps)
23hours (resolution 848x480P 30fps)

Recording time until card get full NO LESS THAN:
11.6 hours (resolution 1920x1080P 30fps)
18 hours (resolution 1280x720P 30fps)
31 hours (resolution 848x480P 30fps)
Video FormatH.264/ H.265 MPEG4Water MarkUser ID, Time and date Stamp,GPS coordinates embedded into Video.
Audio FormatWAVUnique ID number/unitInclude 5 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID
Photo Format4608*3456 JPEGOther Auxiliary LightWith one white LED
Battey CapacityBuilt-in 3100mAh LithiumPassword protectionWithout entering password via software, user can not get access to camera storage & setting.
Charging TimeLess than 240 minutesStorage temperature-20~65 degrees Celsius
Working Temperature-20~60 degrees CelsiusStandard AccessoriesUSB cable, Charger, Manual, Driver CD, Universal metal clip, Dock Station, Leather Strap, Car Charger
Storage Capacity16G/32G/64G/128GB (Standard 32GB)


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